Sales Layer

Sales Layer is a PIM (Product Information Manager) in the cloud that centralizes product information and synchronizes across all sales channels automatically (print, web, mobile, product feeds for retailers, and more)

Date of investment: Jul 2017

Sector: Product Information Management

Status: In portfolio

Fund: Swanlaab I

Co-investors: PeakSpan, Bright Pixel, GoHub, Plug and Play

Irius Risk

IriusRisk is an automated Threat Modelling platform that performs a risk analysis and creates a threat model of a software application at the design phase and maintains live it once in production. The threat model includes recommendations on how to address the risk, along with specific source code examples on how to implement features securely.

Date of investment: Nov 2017

Sector: Cybersecurity

Status: In portfolio

Fund: Swanlaab I

Co-investors: Paladin Capital Group, 360 Capital, JME Venture Capital and Sonae IM


Pulpo is a software startup that focuses on changing the way companies manage their vehicles and fleet operations.

Date of investment: Dec 2019

Sector: Fleet Management

Status: In portfolio

Fund: Swanlaab I

Co-investors: México Ventures


Odilo allows any library, school, university, corporation, or municipality to offer all kinds of digital content to their users

Date of investment: Oct 2019

Sector: EdTech

Status: In portfolio

Fund: Swanlaab I

Co-investors: Bregal Milestone, Kibo, JME and Active Venture Partners


Developing Upbe.ai, the first AI to robotize compliance, quality assurance, and sales development in Contact Centers & Corporations

Date of investment: Jul 2019

Sector: SW/AI/Speech analytics

Status: In portfolio

Fund: Swanlaab I

Co-investors: Sabadell Venture Capital


Mysphera is an IoT solutions company focused on transforming healthcare systems through visibility and the optimization of healthcare processes. This technological platform based on Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) measures real health processes, providing data and applications to clinicians and hospital administrators to improve the efficiency of their activities (saving time, reducing costs, optimizing operating room occupation, and reducing wait times).

Date of investment: Oct 2018

Sector: IoT / HealthTech

Status: In portfolio

Fund: Swanlaab I

Co-investors: Banco Sabadell, Aliad, EIC Accelerator


Landbot is a platform that helps companies create conversational experiences and boost customer engagement with human conversations, at scale.

Sector: Chatbots

Status: In portfolio

Fund: Swanlaab I

Co-investors: Nauta, Bankinter, Zubi Labs and Encomenda.


Coowry is an end-to-end micropayment platform that allows mobile users to utilize their airtime as digital cash, creating a Global Marketplace for digital transactions

Date of investment: Feb 2017

Sector: FinTech

Status: In portfolio

Fund: Swanlaab I

Co-investors: Breega Capital and Business Angels


Kompyte is an advanced web tracking software company that enables businesses to collect, analyze, and act on competitive changes in their market

Date of investment: Apr 2019

Sector: Business Intelligence

Status: Acquired by Semrush (NYSE: SEMR) in 2022

Fund: Swanlaab I

Co-investors: Adara Venture Partners and Caixa Capital Risk


Indoor navigation to guide visitors. Staff tracking and monitoring to optimize processes and services. Situm provides indoor positioning and navigation technology with minimal infrastructure.

Date of investment: Oct 2019

Sector: Indoor Positioning

Status: In portfolio

Fund: Swanlaab I

Co-investors: Prosegur and Amadeus


Trappit has developed a software solution with proprietary algorithms that monitors price fluctuations of plane tickets after their issuance. The tool detects potential price reductions on any equivalent ticket to the one issued, on the same flight, allowing the client to exchange their ticket for a cheaper one. Trappit’s solution integrates seamlessly with the travel agent, without any additional costs for the client or agent, providing an automated solution that maximizes clients’ costs savings

Date of investment: March 2017

Sector: TravelTech

Status: In portfolio

Fund: Swanlaab I

Co-investorss: Sabadell Ventures, Torret Road and Business Angels

Smart Protection

Smart Protection keeps and protects intellectual and industrial property rights online.

Fecha de inversión: Nov 2020

Sector: Ciberseguridad

Estado: En portfolio

Fondo: Swanlaab I

Co-inversores: Nauta, JME, Knight Ventures, Bankinter, Telefónica


UNNAX enables businesses to access financial data from their customers in a simple and secure way. They offer a range of products that help solve common business problems and provide improved customer experiences through modern payment solutions, rich financial data, and intelligent risk & identity tools

Date of investment: Oct 2017

Sector: Fintech

Status: Acquired by PSG in 2024

Fund: Swanlaab I

Co-investors: Keywords, CSQ, Grupo Elektra, Athos Capital, SegTech Ventures and Bankinter