Our team

Mark Kavelaars
Founding Partner

Managing Partner and Co-founder of Swanlaab. Part of the Investment Comittee

Mark has +25 years managerial experience in tech, marketing and investments. He is the owner of IVC and Venture Partner of Crescendo VP.

Board Member of Sales Layer, Smart Protection, Coowry, Predictiva and Mysphera

Yuval Avni

Yuval is General Partner and part of the Investment Comittee at Swanlaab

Yuval has +15-year experience in Venture Capital with roles in Giza Venture Capital, Crescendo VP and GPV. He is a Medical Doctor with 4-year clinical experience and has served in the Israel Defense Forces as an officer in an elite intelligence unit

Tal Mizrahi

Tal is General Partner and part of the Investment Comittee at Swanlaab

Tal joined Giza Venture Capital in 2005 and is responsible for finance, accounting, administration and tax issues, and contributing his financial expertise to the different funds investment activity. 

Verónica Trapa

Verónica is Managing Director and part of the Investent Comittee at Swanlaab

Verónica has +10 years of experience as an entrepreneur as founder of Life&Colors and Tu Chef. Se has as +8 years experience in Venture capital and is Professor of Negotiation at ICADE.

Board Member of Unnax, Predictiva and Mysphera

Zvi Schechter

Zvi is General Partner an part of the Investment Comittee at Swanlaab 

Zvi co-founded Giza Group in 1985 and Giza Venture Capital in 1992, following 20 years of experience in private equity, investment banking, research and company valuations.

Zeev Holtzman
Founding Partner

Zeev is General Partner and Co-founder of Swanlaab

Zeev co-founded the Giza Group in 1985 and Giza Venture Capital in 1992. He was also a representative of Credit Suisse First Boston and Alex Brown in Israel; held top positions in the largest Israeli financial institutions and in Technion.

Juan Revuelta

Juan is a General Partner and part of the Investment Comittee at Swanlaab

Juan has +14 years of Venture Capital Experience and +5 years as an engineer at LSI Logic and Texas Instruments. 

Board Member of IriusRisk, Odilo, Landbot and Observer at Kompyte

Jaime Gil-Delgado

Jaime is Principal at Swanlaab

Jaime has +4 years of Venture Capital and +4 years of Investment Banking & Amazon experience.

Board Observer at Odilo, Sales Layer, Landbot and Pulpo

Juan Orbea

Juan is an Analyst at Swanlaab Venture Factory.

While he obtained his Dual Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Business Administration (E-3) from ICADE, Juan worked as an Analyst at multiple alternative asset managers in Spain and Israel, the last two of them being VC firms.

As a side project, he is a Content Curator on Sublime Internet Inc. (formerly known as Startupy), a human-curated search engine for meaningful intellectual insights. Juan spun-off a Substack (Infopunk) from his contributions to Startupy.